Happy Birthday ChangeInc!

This month we turn 7 years old! We look good, don’t we? While we might be categorized and filed in the business world as an organization in its infancy years, we’re happy to be exactly where we are. What was once an agency compiled of 1 employee with 1 client is now a company with 200+ employees and hundreds of clients. That being said, we realize that with every year that passes by, it’s imperative to stay fresh, current, and true to our brand and culture.

We took a journey this Spring, That’s right, all 200 of us. We revisited our ChangeInc corporate values and mission statement. We determined that it didn’t quite fit like it did in 2009. So, we invited our employees to participate in group sessions where we could uniformly identify who we believe we are in 2016. Through our collaborative process, we narrowed down our values and chose the following:

We use our gifts to EMPOWER.

We inspire individuals to reach their next level of greatness. We celebrate employee and client accomplishments and encourage the ability to overcome challenges.

We work as a TEAM.

We actively listen and encourage open communications. The best ideas and solutions originate from a collaborative unit where respect, communication, and creative minds are fundamental.


We respect each individual’s journey and exemplify acts of care without exclusion. At ChangeInc, care is both a thought and action.

We serve with INTEGRITY.

We build trust through ethical conduct. We show the courage to do and say the right things. Integrity is not solely a personal responsibility, it’s a corporate one.

So that’s it, right? No way! You can’t have dinner without the dessert, it’s the best part. So once these values were etched in stone, a new mission statement was created. It fits like a glove, we think we’ll keep it for awhile. Well, until it’s time to freshen up again. Tell us what you think.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower and promote positive change through compassionate care and clinical excellence.


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