Depression Blogs: Our Top 3

Whether you’re living with depression, or merely desire an understanding of the illness, there are many online resources and depression-centered blogs that are designed to share real life experiences and educate people on this illness. We selected the top 3 (in our opinion) to showcase here.

Time To Change  time to change’s  depression blog includes 130 pages (dating back to 2009) of real life depression tales. Some are about stigma, some are about strength, and many are on how they, as individuals, power through personal struggles.


    Blurt is a website dedicated to increasing the awareness of depression. This blog is filled with personal stories and educational resources. They even have a product for sale called the Buddybox! It’s a subscription “hug in a box,” a self-care pick me up to boost anyone’s spirits.

Get the tissues! Blue Light Blue is impeccably written by Amy McDowell Marlow, a public speaker and peer facilitator for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Her blog incorporates emotional stories of loss, encouragement, and self awareness. A truly engaging site.

depression blog


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