The Gift of Giving

IMG_0160 (002)

Last week we hosted a BINGO event in the New Haven area for our individuals to attend with their staff. The event itself was an intimate size due to the rain and other unforeseen circumstances.

Together, we chatted about the upcoming weekend and other current events as we enjoyed lunch. When it was time to play BINGO, everyone put their game face on. I mean, this was a game where prizes became possessions, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love shouting out:


We played several games, enough where everyone who was in attendance won a prize and….there were still more to win!

BINGO! was then shouted out loud and proud and the winner obtained her new possession. In that moment and without hesitation, the winner gave her prize to someone else in the room. The recipient of this gift was pleasantly surprised and grateful for the kind action. Then in turn, the next winner gifted his prize to someone else in the room, and this continued until the end. In this room of complete strangers, it made them feel good to give, and I think we all walked out of that room last week a little more grateful and encouraged to know there is way more love in this world than the alternative.

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