The Therapeutic Benefits of Crocheting


I know this may seem like unusual subject matter for a home care blog, but in fact, it’s quite appropriate. Crocheting is the new trend (ok so maybe it never went out of style) and it’s proving to be a strategy of self-care for individuals seeking zen in their lives.

According to a recent study presented by the University of Wollongong in Australia, crocheting is responsible for positively affecting your health and well-being. It aids with anxiety, insomnia, and keeps your fine motor skills on point.


Of the 8,000 participants involved in this study 90% find that crocheting made them feel calmer and 82% were happier when engaged in the craft. 77% of these individuals crochet on some level every single day.

If you are a caregiver or simply looking for a new way to relax and express creativity, this is an inexpensive approach to self-care. Whether you keep the items for yourself, gift them, or make a donation to a charity in need, overall, it’s a win-win! So get your hook and yarn ready and be prepared to chill out and make some cool things. Check out some great stuff here: Crochet Ideas

Note: If you’re not sure where to even start, there are instruction books in the library and many step by step tutorials on YouTube and other internet sources.

edited-crochet-feature-imageCrochet Ideas

One thought on “The Therapeutic Benefits of Crocheting”

  1. I enjoy crocheting and knitting as well. It does relax me but sometimes I get a little carried away with it. I have a closet FULL of yarn!


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