Walking with a Purpose

Brian receives 24 hour care due to a brain injury that has left him weak on one side of his body. Brian is tall in stature, but you would have never known it a year and a half ago when we first met, because Brian was in a wheelchair. Gentle by nature, he can’t help but smile sheepishly at a joke because his sense of humor always wins. In fact, he loves joking around, and making his caregivers laugh, is something that Brian is REALLY good at.

Now, let’s talk about Clairnette. She is one of Brian’s caregivers as well as his house manager. Clairnette is a kind of super heroine, who has the ability to detect an individual’s attributes and have he/she actively engaged in utilizing them, (she only uses these powers for good)! In less than a year, she has endlessly encouraged this 6’2″ & 200 lb + man out of his wheelchair and has him walking! (see video for proof!) She knew he had the ability to do it, she just needed Brian to buy into her encouragement, which he did.

We love our caregivers, especially when we see the fruits of their labor because they are matched perfectly and the synergy is there. Because of caregivers like Clairnette, our individuals are safe, happy, and supported. Families and friends are more at ease knowing that their loved ones are in good hands. Simply put, we can all do big things with big hearts. Way to go, Brian! We can’t wait to see what’s next in the cards for you!

brian pics


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